"From cyber-security hacker nerd to unstoppable human Hulk"

Can he truly control his alter-self?

The life of a CIA agent is secretive by nature. But how deep are these secrets supposed to go? James Hyde discovers an unparalleled conspiracy within the agency while attempting to overcome a rather shocking personal development. Not only does he experience a deep betrayal within an agency sworn to protect the American people, but he also goes through what can only be described as a life-changing transformation.

From cyber security hacker nerd to unstoppable human Hulk, this average guy shows he is anything but ordinary. Hyde’s own skill set (and that of his newly-discovered alter-ego) is the only thing standing between him and total destruction at the hands of the CIA. Battling the inner fragmentation of his psyche and the destructive powers that came takes time and a level of self-control that Hyde never knew he had. For someone who flunked out of active agent training, suddenly developing superhuman speed and strength is a shock — it is both a thrill and nerve-wracking. Can he truly control the being within, his alternative self?

Hyde is able to rely on one person: his old partner, Elizabeth Danes. However, she is a career agent and unable to follow him down the dark rabbit hole he discovered within himself. Her desire to hold the CIA accountable while contending with Hyde’s alternate self could very well get her killed. Chased by both highly-trained CIA operatives and a horror of Frankenstein proportions, Elizabeth and Hyde must rely on their training, intuition, and the undeniable bond that holds the two of them accountable to each other.

In a world full of tracking systems, how do two people disappear? With the power of the CIA to back those who oppose them, how are these two individuals to overcome and infiltrate the system — without being ‘taken out’? Is revenge and the quest for justice truly worth it?

About the Author

“Joel Knox, The author of this awesome book is born on 4th December 1980  in Santa Maria California. He’s Happily married and lives with his wife. Joel loves to read books, also writes books as you can imagine from his latest book. He is a Movie buff who’s really into thrillers  & Action movies. He’s also a life long lakers and raiders fan..”

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